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Allison Joseph Pendleton

As a native Western New Yorker, I can confidently say that there are few places more important to the area than Roswell Park. I’ve watched countless family members and friends receive exceptional care and cutting-edge treatments, which would not be possible without the support of our local community. It’s both an honor and a privilege to be a member of the Future of Roswell Society, to help ensure a long an enduring future for extraordinary cancer care in our backyard and beyond.

Jordan Joseph-Fogel

Many of us have seen firsthand what cancer can do to a loved one. In a world full of so many uncertainties, it is a true honor to serve on the FOR committee which fundraises for those individuals searching for both answers and cancer cures. Growing up, I often heard the saying, as I am sure many others did as well, “it takes a village”; this committee and the FOR Society are a team, that village, constantly fighting so that hopefully one day when asked the question “how has cancer impacted your life” we can all answer with confidence that although cancer may have impacted our pasts, it will never negatively impact our futures, our children’s futures or our loved ones ever again.

Zanna Barth

There are few institutions more profound to WNY than Roswell, if any. As a WNY native I'm grateful for the opportunity to integrate advocacy for Roswell into my everyday life. The Future of Roswell's transparency with the latest technology and data effectively imparts the importance of the institution to the younger generation. I'm honored to contribute to the FOR society and am excited to work together to make an impact on the community.

Kilby Bronstein

I use to help my mom Jennifer Bronstein with Paintbox Project and I was always in awe of the amazing work that came out of that program and the positive affects it had on children with cancer. Their smiles and pure joy over the art projects made it so clear to me how important cancer research is and how crucial it is that we help organizations like Roswell Park Cancer Institute continue to be a leader in cancer research, not only for the children affected but for everyone. When I was in college I lost someone incredibly special to me to a long battle with cancer and Roswell was a saving grace for her for so many years. I believe that when we work together in cancer research we can accomplish great things and that is why the Future of Roswell Society is so important to me.

Marisa Faitelson

Marisa Faitelson is the daughter of a cancer-survivor and gives to FOR to make sure daughters whose mothers are treated at Roswell have their own moms around for years to come. Growing up in Buffalo, Marisa learned that there is nothing that Buffalonians can’t accomplish when they work together, even curing cancer.

Pauline Kane

With so much uncertainty in the world today, now more than ever I am proud to be part of the FOR Society at Roswell Park. I consider Roswell a leader in the healthcare industry and I am looking forward and excited to be a part of what the future holds for us!

Katherine Liebner

I am honored to serve on FOR Society’s inaugural committee. I was born and raised in Buffalo where I attended Canisius College and UB Law School. I now work as an attorney at Gross Shuman, P.C. where I focus on estate planning and administration. I first became involved with Roswell Park over a decade ago when a family member invited me to bike at the Ride for Roswell. I have continued to ride every year and am proud to now captain my firm’s team. Over the years I have come to learn about Roswell Park’s many state of the art patient care programs and cutting edge research. Roswell Park accompanies patients, families, and caregivers during their cancer battles to give them hope for a cure and for a future. FOR Society’s mission is inspiring and I hope that you will consider joining us to support research and patient care at Roswell Park.

Jenna Rose Myers

Cancer has touched me both, directly and indirectly, the later part of my adult years, I have acted as a caretaker to individuals I love who were diagnosed with cancer, and have seen first-hand pediatric patients fight this horrible disease. Having lived around the world and currently based in Denver my ties will always be to WNY, thus joining FOR, Roswell treated my Mom and many others I know and the best way we as a community can fight back is to raise awareness, support research initiatives and keep the "city of good neighbors" alive by coming together.

Anne O'Neil-White

I am thrilled to expand my support of Roswell Park through the Future of Roswell Society. It's an exciting opportunity to leverage the enthusiasm and exuberance of Buffalo's thriving community of young professionals in support of such a wonderful organization. Roswell Park has served our communities and our loved ones through the most difficult times and I'm privileged to help Roswell to continue to do so now and in the days ahead.

Teddy Tiftickjian

Being born and growing up in Buffalo, now living in New York City, I have had the honor of attending the Roswell Park receptions at the New York Athletic Club for the past 3 years. Each year, I am impressed at how much of an impact Roswell had made and feel honored to listen to the hard work of the doctors and senior management as they provide an update on the data from the clinical trials each year. I joined the Future of Roswell society to help promote the success and research of this institution in New York City, because I am proud to represent an institution from my home town making such a difference and impact in the fight against cancer.

Emily Smaldino Wallace

I am proud to be part of the ‘Future of Roswell’ Society’. Having this special opportunity to support the incredible work at Roswell Park means so much to me and all those in my life fighting cancer. Every little bit counts and I encourage you to become part of FOR and support Roswell Park in their quest to end cancer!